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Yerba Mate;*   Ilex Paraguariensis,
Antioxidant, Stimulant, Contains Caffeine

Yerba Mate, or Ilex Paraguariensis, is hugely popular in South America, particularly Argentina, where many consider no day complete without a serving of Yerba Mate. There, it is served in a manner much like coffee or tea, and is steeped in hot water during the cold months while sometimes added to another drink, such as lemonade, during the warmer seasons. Indeed, a ritual of sorts has become quite associated with its drinking, where the host or provider brews the drink in a gourd for everyone who has gathered. Each person finishes the gourd, and returns it to the brewer who then passes it down the circle, clockwise. Once everyone has drunk, it begins again until all have had enough. In other cases, people simple gather to drink Yerba Mate in a fashion quite similar to American coffee shops.

Yerba Mate, when brewed, has been shown to contain caffeine along with other stimulants that can also be found in coffee and chocolate. Despite this, though it has not been chemically proven, many insist that it provides the energy boost and other such positive effects of caffeine without the negative, functioning somewhat as an energy drink without the drawbacks.. Many believe that despite the increased energy and willful wakefulness, one can still find sleep at will. Some studies have also shown Yerba mate to possess nutritional value akin to Green Tea, with the ability to stimulate the immune system and provide nutrients and antioxidants to the body.

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