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Serious Stimulant, Male and Female Libido, Erectile dysfunction, Boosts Blood Pressure

Coming from an evergreen tree in West Africa known as Pausinystalia yohimbe, Yohimbe Bark is a traditional treatment that dates back centuries among the indigenous peoples there. There, traditions hold that the bark is of great use in treating fever and coughs, and even leprosy, but lore most frequently holds that the bark is best used in increasing virility in men, and functioning as an aphrodisiac. From these traditions the use has spread, reaching into modern medicine. Indeed, 50 years before the modern drugs that you now see advertisements for throughout the US and other countries, Yohimbre bark extracts were being used in treating sexual problems for both men and women.

Today, modern herbalists use it most commonly for this purpose, particularly in increasing libido and aiding men who have erectile dysfunction. Some herbalists also use the bark as a supplement for weight loss, claiming that it can aid in losing weight though some scientific studies have disputed this. Yohimbe bark powder is also believed by some herbalists and lore to aid in relieving depression.

Love, Lust, Power

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