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Yerba Santa;*
Eriodictyon californicum
Yerba Santa has been used for colds and flu as well as other respiratory ailments including asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, whopping cough and tuberculosis. Yerba santa means holy weed. It was primarily used by Native Americans then later spread by the spanish through the Americas

Yerba santa is traditionally a relaxing calming smoke. It is a sacred herb that is an excellent smoke for ceremony, ritual, meditation, divination or personal use.
The effects of smoking Santa is an experience of awakening, and a deep claiming of the soul which is why it is often referred to as the Holy herb. 

This pleasant herb is good for dressing altars and as an ingredient in a charm bag carried for protection or to increase divinatory abilities. Burned in the sick room, its fragrance helps dispel hostile spirits that might be involved in the disease

Sometimes referred to as Mountain Balm, this herb was widely prized by Native Americans for its ability to ward off negativity and provide protection and healing. The leaves were often carried by individuals to boost their spiritual strength and Psychic Powers

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