ROSE HIPS (whole)
ROSE HIPS (whole)

ROSE HIPS (whole)

ROSE HIPS (whole)
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Rose Hips;

If the rose's blossoms are left on the plant and allowed to drop their petals, they will form a seed pod that is known as the rose hips. Forming seed pods takes energy away from blossom production. Rosehips are the pods that form at the base of the rose flower, so don't get confused with rose petals or leaves. Many varieties of roses form hips, particularly wild roses.

The wild dog rose is the type of rose most often cultivated for their hips. This plant grows up to ten feet tall and bears a white, very fragrant flower. Once the flower has bloomed, and all the petals have fallen off, the hip is picked and used in a wide variety of preparations. Rose hips are the best source of vitamin C; they contain 50% more vitamin C than oranges. A single tablespoon of the pulp gives an adult more than the recommended daily allowance of 60 mg. They can be eaten raw, after being put through a blender, or soaked in water overnight and then cooked in the water for about half an hour. Because of the high vitamin C content they are an excellent immune system booster, and are often used as a supplement to prevent or treat a cold.

The pulp from rose hips may be used in sauces or made into jelly.

The fruit acids and pectin in rose hip tea is a mild diuretic and laxative. It is used to improve, and relieve the symptoms of kidney disorders, or to help in the case of mild constipation.

To make the tea simply pour a cup boiling water over a tablespoon of crushed, dried hips and let steep. After straining out any pieces of the hips you can add honey and drink

 Native Americans have been using rosehips as tea for thousands of years, and when the tea is finished, the hips were added to stews or soups.

A Rosehips tincture is used for diarrhea, relieves colic or as a component in cough remedies.

 Syrups are used to flavor medicines, taken as a source of vitamin C, or added to cough mixtures.

Rosehips can be used in teas, syrups, and fruit drinks.

In magical practices, rose hips are associated with the planet Venus and the sacred element of water, making them ideal for workings involving love, romance, healing and peace. Wiccans can use rose hips in various ways during rituals or spell casting, as they lend a powerful energy to spells and magical endeavors

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