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Purple Loosestrife;

Lythrum salicaria or purple loosestrife is primarily cultivated for its therapeutic uses. Similarly, beekeepers also grow this herb since the flowers of purple loosestrife produce sufficient nectar. Once upon a time, the leaves of purple loosestrife were employed to cure ulcers, wounds and lesions.

Since purple loosestrife possesses astringent properties, it is basically used to treat dysentery and diarrhea. In fact, this herb may be safely used by people of any age. In addition, this herb may also be employed to cure profuse menstrual bleeding as well as for inter-menstrual hemorrhages. It is also applied externally in the form of a poultice or salve to wounds, eczema, leg ulcers and even to cure too much vaginal discharge plus vaginal itchiness

Purple loosestrife is consdiered one of the finest herbes for preserving eyesight, soothing sore eyes and the like. This herbe may also be u
sed in fluid condesners; these are herbal preparations used to gently bathe one's eyelids, providing sight into the astral. Purple loosestrife is ideally suited for any magickal preparation intended to extend visionary sight.

Intestinal Disinfectant for treating Diarrhea, Gargle for Sore Throats, Antibacterial, Gingivitis

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