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Lobelia inflata

Lobelia is an herb that is used to treat asthma, allergies, whooping cough, congestion, and bronchitis. In the past, it was also useful  as an herbal remedy to quit smoking. It is found in the southeastern part of Canada from Nova Scotia to Southeast Ontario and British Columbia. It is also present in the eastern half of the United States
 Historically, the Aboriginal people were very creative and efficient in using the Lobelia plant for medicinal purposes.

The Iroquois used the root to treat leg sores, venereal diseases and ulcers.

The Cherokees used a poultice of the root for body aches. They also used the plant for boils, sores, bites and stings. Considered a plant to cure asthma, phthisic (lung disease), croup and a sore throat, it was also used to discourage the presence of gnats.

The Crows made use of it in religious ceremonies.

Other uses for Lobelia include storm magick (throw dried herb into the wind or burn in a ritual), love magick (use in rituals for love or anti-love), and combined with other herbs for purification and divination rituals.

For those interested in fairy magick, Lobelia is a must-have addition to the fairly garden.

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