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Jasmine Flowers;*  Jasminum officinale

There are many therapeutic benefits to be obtained from this herbal tea  Jasmine tea not only has a calming scent, but also has the ability to reduce stress and ease depression. Drinking it can also alleviate anxiety and tension in the nerves and muscles of the body. The tranquil effects of this drink can lower blood pressure and relax both the mind and body making it an effective tea to drink for headache relief as well. In fact, jasmine tea is often used in aromatherapy because even just the scent of jasmine flower is believed to have many sedative and calming effects. These therapeutic benefits may be particularly useful for women who are going through menopause since these effects can help calm many of its symptoms.

The jasmine is perennial climbing plant with sweet, highly scented flowers. It is native to the Himalayas, and is considered sacred throughout the region, specifically in India where it is the sacred flower of Kama, the god of love. It is intertwined into bridal flowers at weddings, and woven into garlands for important guests at diplomatic functions. Historically, it has been reputed to be an aphrodisiac, and is said to have a marked effect on frigidity and impotence Women who are trying to get pregnant should avoid this herb, as well as women who are breast feeding. There is some evidence to show that it may lower blood pressure so caution should be exercised.

Good for using in spells to attract love and prosperity, Jasmine is also used in divination, particularly that involving dream magic

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