CHERVIL / Sweet Cicely
CHERVIL / Sweet Cicely

CHERVIL / Sweet Cicely

CHERVIL / Sweet Cicely
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Chervil is an aid to sluggish digestion. When brewed as a tea it can be used as a soothing eye wash. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 TBLS. fresh chopped chervil and let this steep for 20 minutes. Be sure to cover this to keep in all the volatile oils. When cool, moisten a cotton ball with some of the mixture and place over closed eyes for 10 minutes. Definitely refreshing

Infusion used for flatulence and coughs. Roots have antiseptic action and were used to cure the bites of mad dogs and snakes. Steeped in wine, they were a remedy for consumption

The entire plant is edible its leaves and roots were commonly eaten in salads. The fresh leaves can be used as a sweetener for diabetics, and can be cooked with tart-tasting fruits The seeds can be cooked into cakes and biscuits and used to flavor chartreuse

Chervil comforts the heart and increases a lust for life

Sweet Cicely/ Chervil also aids in the Gift of Sight, in this case the ability to see beauty beneath ugliness, power beneath simplicity, and possibility beneath limitation. It is a useful plant when faced with clients who are living in a swamp of negativity, and you have to find them some hope. Drink in tea or smoke it

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