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Chelidonium majus

When smoked it is enjoyed for its Light Euphoric like effect 

Celandine is most often used for treating gallbladder problems. It stops spasms at the same time it stimulates the production of bile to flush gallstones away. It is used for digestive pains and jaundice. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, celandine is more often used as a pain-relieving cough medication. The sap of the fresh herb is a traditional remedy for warts, as well as producing a buttery yellow dye for yarns and fabrics. In Russia, it is used as an agent against cancer. When burned as incense, celandine is said to be protective and confusing to ones enemies, and reputed to keep away both bad witches and the police
Can be used to make teas, but more often used as an extract or encapsulation.The above-ground parts of the plant, dried, cut and/or powdered.

Use Celandine for protection, legal matters and protection
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