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Calamus Root;**  Acorus Calamus

Referred to in historical documents that reference its use for several thousand years, Calamus Root (Acorus Calamus, Sweet Flag, Sweet Rush) has many storied uses. Dating back to the Sumerians and Ancient Egypt, its scent has been highly praised and even used as an incense. Within the dwellings of Britain and Europe, it was added to floor coverings and rushes where it was praised and valued for its fragrance.

Spiritually, it was referenced has having been burned twice daily in the Hebrew temple as a sacred incense, and is associated with seeking out and working with your guardian angel.

Calamus Root has also possessed a long history of medicinal use throughout Europe and Asia and even North America. Within Ayurvedic medicine it is said to assist the digestive system and bring vigor to the brain and nervous system. In Chinese practice, it has also been used to treat chest congestion and similar matters. It should be noted that the FDA restricts the use of Calamus in foods and medicine. calamus helps with circulation and joint pain, and as a gargle calamus relieves sore throat. As a lotion, calamus relieves skin inflammation of all origins

 It can be dried and smoked or made into a tea. However, the most popular means of ingestion is chewing the root itself.
Many people add it to their spiritual and visionary herbal smoking blends.

Luck, Money, Healing, Protection

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