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Butterbur for treatment of migraine and allergies & divination

 Early studies on the use of butterbur for easing the symptoms of seasonal allergies show promising results. There have been studies of the effectiveness of butterbur root extract on the symptoms of asthma, which are again, promising, but further study is necessary. In at least one study, people who reported a history of migraines had significantly fewer migraines than a control group given a placebo, and those migraines that they did get were shorter and less severe.
In Germany, butterbur extract is approved for the treatment of spasmodic urinary pain, particularly when there are stones present. Overall, modern research seems to support the traditional uses of butterbur root extract, but further research, particularly large, randomized, double blind studies, are needed. It should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.

Butterbur is also been used in divination. An unmarried woman could see her future husband if she took the seeds and went to a "lonesome place". A half hour before sunrise on a Friday, she had to scatter the seeds while repeating, "I sow, I sow! Then, my own dear, come here, come here, and mow and mow!" If there was a husband in her future, she would see a vision of him with a scythe mowing grass

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