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Astragalus Root;*   Astragalus mebranaceus

Stimulant, Diuretic, Immune Builder, Colds, Flu, Minor Infections Generates Anti-Cancer Cells

Astragalus Root or Huang Qi is perhaps most widely recognized as an herb within Traditional Chinese Medicine used to help enhance the body`s energy, or Qi. The body`s energy is often a focus for this holistic medical practice, with assorted methods intended to aid in redirecting the body`s energies to proper routes, balancing energies, and generally seeking internal harmony. With this purpose in mind, Traditional Chinese Medicine frequently utilized Astragalus Root to help speed up the healing process, and even to help treat diabetes.

Astragalus Root has also emerged within Western practices and is being explored scientifically. In Western herbalism it is frequently ingested as a part of a soup or tea to enhance metabolism and digestion. It has also been explored as a tonic for strengthening the immune system or in various methods intended to help heal wounds. Scientific exploration as demonstrated that Astragalus Root does contain various biologically active chemicals that might leave it able to help reduce the severity of atopic dermatitis and asthma, though further clinical testing was required.

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