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Arnica Flowers;*** NOT FOR CONSUMPTION   Arnica montana,

Used as a TOPICAL to Heals Bruises, Injuries, Pain Relief, Reduces inflammation and swelling

Also known as Leapards Bane or Arnica montana, this plant which somewhat resembles a sunflower, and indeed belongs to the same family of plants

Arnica has been seen for ages in an assortment of medical uses. Europeans and Native Americans have used Arnica, to soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation, and heal wounds since the 1500s. It was commonly the first treatment applied for sprains and bruises and other such injuries, where it helped and sped up the healing process. It has also seen a great deal of use in treating the swelling around insect bites as well as the swelling from fractures, and has also been known to aid in treating Chilblains.

In more modern use, it is frequently utilized in much the same manner, providing relief to injuries, particularly those that are the result of blunt trauma, such as falls, contusions and other such wounds. It has been said to be of use I preventing and treating shock, hemorrhages, and thromboses as well, and help slow bleeding. Modern study has also found that internal use should be strictly avoided as overdose can result in serious medical conditions.

 Increases Psychic Powers, Protection from Spirits. Arnica is masculine in nature and associated with Midsummer, the harvest and harvest spirits.

Arnica can be used in general protective rituals as well as rituals for fertility of crops.

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