HIGH JOHN / Ipomoea jalapa
HIGH JOHN / Ipomoea jalapa

HIGH JOHN / Ipomoea jalapa

HIGH JOHN / Ipomoea jalapa
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 High John the Conqueror   Ipomoea jalapa

Known under the latin name of ipomoea jalapa, the root is more commonly named after John the Conqueror (or John the Conqueroo as he is sometimes called), who is spoken of often in African American folklore and is frequently considered to be quite magically potent, particularly among Hoodoo traditions. Also known as Bindweed or Jalap Root to some, it is actually related to the morning glory and the sweet potato, and you can see some resemblance in the general shape of the tuber.

Most frequently, High John Root is used as part of a Mojo bag. There it is said to provide good luck and the strength to help overcome obstacles; as well as provide potent protection from the negative energies and curses of others. Another common usage of the Root is within spells of a sexual nature, where it is said to be quite potent in drawing the attentions of the one you desire.

Modern herbalists and Hoodoo practitioners typically use it externally; in most cases avoiding its internal use as when it is taken orally it produces strong laxative properties, that are best avoided unless the situation warrants it.
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