SIBERIAN MOTHERWORT Leonurus sibiricus
SIBERIAN MOTHERWORT Leonurus sibiricus

SIBERIAN MOTHERWORT Leonurus sibiricus

SIBERIAN MOTHERWORT Leonurus sibiricus
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Siberian Motherwort 

  Leonurus sibiricus

Siberian Motherwort has been used in chinese medicine for thousands of years under the name Yi Mu Cao.

In Thailand it is used as an ethnomedicine for an emmenagogue, diuretic, and a vasodilator. Siberian Motherwort is recorded to contain high concentrations of the diterpenes leosibiricine, leosibirine, and isoleosibirine

Leonurus sibiricus, commonly known as Siberian motherwort  is an herbaceous plant native to Asia, including southern Siberia, China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. It grows wild in the coastal regions of Brazil as well as Chiapas, the southern-most state of Mexico. It has become naturalized in various other parts of the world such as North America. Siberian motherwort appears in the ancient Chinese “Book of Songs,” or Shih Ching, circa 1000-500 BCE under the moniker t’uei, but it is unknown when the plant was first brought to the New World. Similarly, it is unknown when it was first smoked for its inebriating effects

 Leaves from Siberian Motherwort are collected while the plant is in bloom, dried, and then smoked  It is often mixed with other herbal smoking blends.

 The roots and leaves can also be taken as a tea. Siberian motherwort should be used in small amounts 1 to 2 teaspoons for a cup of tea

The seeds, fruits, and leaves of Siberian Motherwort all are considered to be of medicinal value in various cultures.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the herb is used to treat loss of potency in men, postpartum bleeding or painful menstruation in women, and as a diuretic.
In Chiapas, Mexico, native cultures drink the root steeped in tea to aid in menstruation and to calm other female reproductive system ailments.
The leaves are alcohol soluble; when macerated in alcohol, the tincture can be applied externally to treat rheumatism or arthritis.

As with all herbals always consult a physician before starting an herbal remedy

The effects of Sib Motherwort can be described as mildly euphoric

Motherwort energies promote inner trust and confidence that the ultimate outcome will be best for all involved in the fullness of time. It is also used for counter-magic and associated with immortality and spiritual healing. It is a protective herb, especially in spells designed to protect pregnant women and their unborn children, It promotes family and love

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