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Garlic;*   Allium sativum
Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Antibiotic

Also found under its lesser known Latin name, Allium sativum, Garlic is closely related to shallots, leeks, and chives, is perhaps most commonly known for its use in the culinary arts, where it is notorious for causing bad breath despite its widespread popularity for the taste that it lends to a dish. Historically however, it is also quite well known for its medicinal applications, with records dating back thousands of years to its use in medicine. Indeed, the famed philosopher Pliny even cited it as the \"rustic`s cure-all,\" as many thought it to be an aid in reducing most any disease`s symptoms. Known globally, it was even venerated in Korea, where it is said that the gods gave garlic to women to provide them with supernatural power as and immortality, while in Greece and Rome, it was placed at crossroads in offering to Hecate. Today, it survives spiritually and is still used in spell and ritual with many legends and writings referring to its ability to repel evil curses and magic, a legend that only grew with its inclusion as a vampire-bane in Bram Stoker`s Dracula.

In modern uses, some claim that Garlic can be a great aid in heart disease and cancer, with early studies showing possible cardio vascular benefits, though there is still some debate and controversy around the subject. It is also frequently seen as a preventative aid against the common cold, or as an expectorant for coughs, and in both of the World Wars it was used as an antiseptic. Around this time, it was also even used to aid in treating small pox, tuberculosis, and other such traumatic diseases.

Protection against Evil, Wards off Evil Eye
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