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SAGE / GARDEN SAGESAGE / GARDEN SAGEThe leaf is used to make medicine, teas, and to spice food.
SARSAPARILLA ROOTSARSAPARILLA ROOTModern herbalists still value Sarsaparilla for these medical properties..............
SASSAFRAS LEAFSASSAFRAS LEAF Wonderful ingredient for tea, leaves to produce a flavorful tea blend.  Sassafras Leaf AKA File Powder (main ingrediant in Gumbo)
SASSAFRAS ROOT BARKSASSAFRAS ROOT BARK Wonderful ingredient for tea, or smoking herb with many using its bark and leaves to produce a flavorful tea blend.  Sassafras is still often viewed as a potent holistic aid in relieving the pains of menstruation and rheumatism
ST. JOHNS WORTST. JOHNS WORTSt. John's wort may be effective for in mild-to-moderate depression
STEVIA HERBSTEVIA HERBStevia has been shown to possess a sweetness 300 times more potent than sugar,
THYMETHYMEThyme has a long history of being used by man in everything from cooking practices to ancient, sacred rites.
WILD DAGGAWILD DAGGAWild Dagga AKA Lion's Tail is made into a medicinal tea or smoked by the Hottentot tribe of South Africa. Because of its euphoric effects.
WINTERGREENWINTERGREENWintergreen was used by the early Americans as a substitute for tea, which had become scarce during the war.
WOOD BETONYWOOD BETONYWood Betony;* Tea Substitute, Herbal Smoke, Tonic for Migraines, Anxiety, Nerves, Circulation  amulets were believed to ward off evil, and spirits,
YARROWYARROWHerbalists have found Yarrow to be of great use in treating colds and influenza allergies and hay fever
also for handfasting rituals and weddings
YERBA SANTAYERBA SANTAReferred to as Mountain Balm, or Holy Herb this herb was widely prized by Native Americans
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