ALL HERBAL BLENDS ARE NATURAL, ORGANICALLY GROWN or WILDCRAFTED All our name brand products are skillfully blended from selected herbs.
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ARTHRITIS PAIN RELIEFARTHRITIS PAIN RELIEFFor relief of pain and discomfort associated with arthritis
BILLBERRY LEAFBILLBERRY LEAFNight Vision, Glaucoma, Diabetes, Circulation bruising, hemorrhoids, and varicose veins
BLOOD PURIFIERBLOOD PURIFIERThis is a Great Tonic suggested use Spring and Fall
COLD / FLUCOLD / FLU an organic herbal blend to help fight off and help to comfort the effects of a cold and flu
COUGH / SORE THROATCOUGH / SORE THROATA special blend to help surppress cough and relieve soar throat
ECHINACEA+++ECHINACEA+++ used to boost the immune system
LADIES DELIGHTLADIES DELIGHThelps with hormones, menopauseal problems, hot flashes and sexual enjoyment
LADIES DELIGHT/NIGHTLADIES DELIGHT/NIGHTGreat for night sweats and menopausal problems
MEMORY ENHANCERMEMORY ENHANCERHepls to improve ones short and long term memory
Mortar & PestleMortar & PestlePerfect for grinding and blending herbs
TIME TO SLEEPTIME TO SLEEPA cup of this organic herbal blend helps you to relax and unwind
TUMMIE TIMETUMMIE TIMEan organic herbal blend to help calm and upset stomach
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