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ORANGE PEELORANGE PEELMakes a delightful addition to most teas excellant for flavoring foods
OSWEGO TEA / BERGAMOT/ Bee BalmOSWEGO TEA / BERGAMOT/ Bee BalmThe leaves and flowers of Oswego Tea are used to  make a stimulating herba tea
RED ROOIBOS TEARED ROOIBOS TEAanti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral activity
RELAXATION TEARELAXATION TEAChamomile, raspberry leaf, peppermint leaf
STEVIA HERBSTEVIA HERBStevia has been shown to possess a sweetness 300 times more potent than sugar,
TEA ROSESTEA ROSESred rose petals and red rose buds
WHITE PEONY TEAWHITE PEONY TEAThere is also considerably less caffeine in white tea
YERBA MATEYERBA MATEwhen brewed, has been shown to contain caffeine along with other stimulants that can also be found in coffee and chocolate.
YOUNG HYSONYOUNG HYSONGood bodied, warm, spring-like in flavor Chinese oranic green tea
Lucky Dragon Tea
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