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STAR ANISESTAR ANISECuring long-lingering colds, Soothing flatulence, Digestion, Kidney Stones
Psychic Powers & Luck
THYMETHYMEThyme has a long history of being used by man in everything from cooking practices to ancient, sacred rites.
TURMERIC groundTURMERIC groundused throughout history as a condiment, healing remedy and textile dye
TURMERIC wholeTURMERIC wholeused throughout history as a condiment, healing remedy and textile dye
UVA URSI / BEARBERRYUVA URSI / BEARBERRYdiuretic, urinary antiseptic, astringent, weight-loss aid,  infections & Psychic workings
VALERIAN ROOTVALERIAN ROOTValerian Root is a popular sleep aid and dietary supplement
WHITE WILLOW BARKWHITE WILLOW BARKWhite Willow bark HERB is primarily used in the treatment of pain.
WILD DAGGAWILD DAGGAWild Dagga AKA Lion's Tail is made into a medicinal tea or smoked by the Hottentot tribe of South Africa. Because of its euphoric effects.
WILD LEEK / RAMPSWILD LEEK / RAMPSStimulant, Lowers Blood Pressure, Cholesterol
WILD LETTUCEWILD LETTUCEWild Lettuce Leaf was used by Native Americans as part of rituals, to achieve visions and trance states, and aided in more vivid dreams.
WINTERGREENWINTERGREENWintergreen was used by the early Americans as a substitute for tea, which had become scarce during the war.
WITCH HAZEL BARKWITCH HAZEL BARKWitch Hazel bark is equally praised for its curative properties ,from scrapes, scratches and bruises to sunburn, poison ivy, and eczema Skin Irritation, Hemorrhoids
WITCH HAZEL LEAFWITCH HAZEL LEAFWITCH HAZEL saw a great deal of use medicinally among Native Americans.
WOOD BETONYWOOD BETONYWood Betony;* Tea Substitute, Herbal Smoke, Tonic for Migraines, Anxiety, Nerves, Circulation  amulets were believed to ward off evil, and spirits,
WOOD SORRELWOOD SORRELWOOD SORREL known as the 3 leaf clover is given as a gift on St. Patrick's Day.
WORMWOODWORMWOODWormwood can also be used as a light anaesthetic. It is commonly used to give relief to menstrual cramps and muscle pains. It is also being used as a remedy for common cold, tapeworm, headaches, dysentery and even rheumatism

It has been said that Those who want milder effects of Wormwood may smoke it instead of ingesting it. The effect is quicker but it is also shorter. 
YARROWYARROWHerbalists have found Yarrow to be of great use in treating colds and influenza allergies and hay fever
also for handfasting rituals and weddings
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